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Caution the narrative below may contain triggers for some.

1, Is this fetish innate? Or is it porn induced? (I don't remember it before age 11) actually remember not liking fat people as a kid.

There's not enough research to establish why, probably a genetic predisposition for a malleable brain that can develop untypica sexual turn ons more easily than others. Once the fetish begins to develop its so enjoyable that it makes the standard turn ons redundant. Similar to getting two games at age 11, call of duty 4 and Super mario bros 1. If you play COD first you are going to get so much enjoyment that you wont even care about mario bros 1, even if everyone else around you only has mario bros 1. You love your game too much to pay attention to what they play.

2, Was my relationship of around 2 years rewiring? Or did introducing the fetish just fire the PMO pathways and was I using her as a fetish object with an attached fleshlight?

You can't expect accruate answers for such a specific scenario in such an under researched area. Generally if you were using her to facilitate your enjoyment of your fetish its unlikely to have helped you re-wire, if you were trying to have 'standard' sex with her then this would have probably helped.

3, Can I date cute healthy women and have a future with them? It's what I really want. 99% of the time I'm disgusted by fat women!

There is literally no reason why you cant date any woman that you could if you didnt have the fetish. You just need to tone the fetish down. Your confidence is what is blocking you from dating these women more than anything by the sounds of it. 

4,I never got into normal porn as such but I know that I quickly escalated to bigger girls through what I did watch and especially like cute girls with big or rounded bellies almost pregnant looking. I've attempted looking at normal porn now but why do I struggle to maintain erection but I can with lots of touch?

Yeah when I was first getting into 'standard' porn I was thinking this is crazily boring, how do people get turned on by this. But over time if you don't have your fetish satisfying you, you'll be surprised at how your brain's expectations change. Just like if you only have two video games and you break call of duty, with no game to play but mario bros 1, when you get desperate for some entertainment you'll be surprised at how enjoyable the game can be if you havent got anything else. Ofcourse you have to be patient, if you went immediately from cod4 to mario bros - you would probably have to force yourself to play.

5, If this is PIED can you recover 100% I'd have thought those important adolescent years would be more crucial for wiring a brain than now at 27 years old. Have I ruined my life? Feels that way.

Its completely illogical to suggest you can never recover, the brain is malleable, people develop and lose fetishes over the course of their whole sexual life.  You havent ruined your life....thats just so melodramatic (sorry) firstly you would have had no idea about your sexuality as a growing teenager, if you've always had this , how would you know any different. Its not easy. Commiting man slaughter or raping someone is ruining your life, not having a fetish. 

6, Has anyone here successfully rewired from an exclusive long standing fetish?? I'd say I have a chubby belly fetish possibly. So anyone successfully rewired away from this one or a foot fetish? Or even cartoon fetish?

Erm I would never say im fully rewired, the fetish will always be the caged beast in the corner that can break out if you arent careful. But I can typically have an errection when I have sex now and Ive gone from finding sex a chore to finding it enjoyable now, ofcourse there is still no action downstairs the odd time but its an ever improving situation. 

I still have relapses but generally its under a lot better control now as I've began to enjoy sex more there is ofcourse less reliance on the fetish, although I admit it can still give me crazy highs. Its just something I live with, its hardly a big deal compared to people who live with lost limbs or blindless.

7, Would I benefit from orgasmic reconditioning thinking of healthy girls but no porn?

Again there is not enough research to give a firm answer. Logic would dictate orgasmic reconditioning to standard porn would be helpful for you as it would reduce your dependence on the fetish. I've tried no PMO for 7 months and I've tried orgasmic reconditioning, both have advantages and disadvantages, both are useful tools in taming your fetish. Your aim should be just to remove the fetish from your life as much as possible.

Don't expect results fast. I'm not being horrible here but you seem like the anxious sort, keep in mind that any 'gain' you make in terms of being turned on by standard turn ons will be nulified by your anxiety every time you try to test yourself or get with a girl. Thats natural, I was the same. It took a while until I basically got bored of the whole thing and was fully relaxed to notice the effects. 

8, Why would talking to girls about feeding them up or the fantasy ignite my libido so much I don't believe that could be an innate preference.. Seems rather conditioned and unnatural.

Sadly we just dont know....its a very under researched area, there isnt much money poured into this area of science because its not life threatning. My fetish gives me crazily big highs...in a way I dont regret it because its something that gives me easy highs...I'll never need drugs etc. But I do regret that I let it control my life for a long period and also put me in some ridiculous and sometimes life threatning situations.
Нее, всё-таки не моё :) Антио второе  Я лучше к женщинам своим асексуальным вернусь :)
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