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Psychosocial intervention as an alternative to surgery in the treatment of transsexualism.


Is it possible to modify gender identity of transsexuals? Is it painful, very long, uncomfortable process? Why this type of treatment is not popular in comparison with sex reassignment surgery?
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Yes, it is possible to change the gender identity of transgender. IMHO.
However, many feel that to perform the surgery - a much easier and faster. Why?
Try to agree to the request of the child to buy a Kinder Surprise, or to explain to him that it was - a waste of money that chocolate in the candy - not very high quality, and the cost is obviously overestimated!
The first - a lot easier.
So many and go that way.


Is there any news about this argument?
Did any research show that psychoterapy can completely alleviate gender disphoria?

I'm working on this issue. IMHO correct psychotherapy softens and removes gender dysphoria - when working with the cause of this condition Surgery or hormone therapy - act on the consequences of this cause. IMHO, of course. Old image, metaphor. One good man hurt his leg. And began to walk with a crutch. Long, many years went with a crutch - it hurt a bit.
And began to think about the operation, cutting off the sick leg and replacing it with a prosthesis ... But only this operation can help him? Perhaps it makes sense to first treat, cure his aching leg? The root cause of lameness. Properly treat, of course. This is my opinion, IMHO.